Solid Sustainable Water Treatment

Solid Sustainable Water Treatment from Global Water Technology Products helps your facility to be more Sustainable – while addressing your TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE
The components that make up the Solid Sustainable Water Treatment can be used with many of the components you may already have in use. With the addition of the Solid Sustainable Water Treatment module and your existing components you will not be ready to take advantage of the items below.
For your People: Corporate Social Responsibilty

  • No Dangerous liquid chemicals to spill
  • No heavy drums to handle
  • No Offensive chemical odors
  • No liquid chemical exposure issues
  • No powders to irritate eyes, nose and mouth

For the Planet: Environmental Protection

  • Products are available with eco-friendly ingredients
  • 100% use of products – No triple rinsing of container required
  • Product containers are fully recyclable
  • Containers enable plastic reduction, when compared to liquid chemical containers
  • Solid Form process allows for significant reduction in the use of dangerous caustic chemicals

For Profit: Enhancing the bottom line

  • Lower Product weight – reduced shipping costs
  • No expensive liquid chemical drum disposal issues
  • Minimized space limitations in mechanical room
  • Reduced energy and water usage
  • Improved system performance

Sustainability Water Treatment  – PDF
Advantages of Solids Water Treatment – PDF
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