Filtration bag housings provide an economical means to remove particulate contamination from liquids. The unfiltered liquid enters the Filtration housing and flows through the interior of the bag depositing the contaminant. The cleaned filtrate exits the housing. For best results the bag should be changed out when the pressure drop across the housing reaches 15 psi.
Bag Housing FiltrationListed below are the standard features of our bag filter housings

  • Available in two standard bag sizes: #1 (15 inch nominal ) and #2 (30 inch nominal)

  • Maximum flow rates of 90 gpm (#1) or 220 gpm (#2). Flow rates are nominal based on housing only using water. Actual sizing is a function of bag filter media, fluid viscosity and contaminant load. Contact PILLC for sizing of your bag filter housing.
  • Available in either carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel to adapt to most applications.
  • Pressure rated to 150 psi.
  • Internal support basket which is constructed of 304SS.
  • Hinged eye bolt cover with buna gasket provides easy access with no tools.
  • Adjustable carbon steel legs simplify installation and pipe connections.
  • Standard connections are side inlet 2” FNPT top and 2” FNPT bottom outlet.
  • Two gauge taps (provided with 1/4” plug). Install gauges (not included) to measure pressure drop across bag and optimize filter performance

For Additional Assistance in selecting the proper bag or filter size check the PDF file below on “MESH TO MICRON COMPARISON
Vessel Selection and Specifications – PDF
Mesh vs Micron Comparison – PDF
Contact us for assistance in sizing your system and getting the water quality that you should have and save on cleaning and replacement of vital system components as well as constant maintenance and adjustments to controls based on dirty water conditions.
Filter_Housing_Gauge_Kit_with_EditsRecommended Pressure Gauge Kit to ensure proper and timely filter bag replacement.