EnduroSolv – Solid Water Treatment – Without Spills

What is EnduroSolv®?
EnduroSolv® solid water treatment chemicals are the next generation of cooling tower and boiler water treatment. They not only provide all the benefits of traditional liquid water treatment chemicals, but also offer many additional advantages for your employees and customers.
Advantages of EnduroSolv®
With EnduroSolv®, virtually all limitations of liquid chemicals are minimized or eliminated:

  • Significantly reduced shipping / handling costs and hassles
    • A 55 gallon (500 lb) drum of liquid water treatment chemicals will consume 2.5 more gallons of diesel fuel per typical shipment than a 50 pound carton of four EnduroSolv® recyclable bottles (same amount of active ingredients).
  • Reduced carbon footprint
    • If all liquid water treatment was replaced with EnduroSolv®, the carbon footprint effect would be the equivalent of removing 52,000 automobiles each year from U.S. roadways.
  • Reduced environmental spill concerns
  • Safer dispensing than liquids chemicals
  • Neater, cleaner, safer mechanical rooms – increased worker safety
  • No triple washing, disposing of 55 gallon drums

A typical Water Treatment System consist of the following:

  • Prefabricated Controller Board with Strainer, flow switch, conductivity probe, 2 injection tees, sample point and 2 pump shelves
  • 2 Chemical Feed Pumps – 24 Gallon Per Day

List Price: $2320.00
Dry Chemical System Adder – 2 pump system

  • Single System Dissolving Unit – Tower Inhibitor and Dispersant
  • Solid Dissolver Unit for Oxidizing Biocide

List Price: $1848.00
When chemicals are purchased through Process-Integration or directly from Global Water Technology we will come to your facility every 30 to 45 days, take a water sample and have it analyzed and based on the report come back out and make any corrections to the system pumps without any charge to you the customer.
Dry Chemicals

  • GWT-0200S-Case Inhibitor (equal to 55 Gallon of liquid)

List Price: $980.00

  • Durobrom-Case Oxidizier (equal to 55 Gallon of liquid)

List Price: $894.00
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