Water Treatment

Why Water Treatment is a necessary component of your system that you should not overlook – but we do!…In conjunction with Global Water Technology, Inc. we can offer you Excellence In Water Treatment like no other.
Chemical-Feed-Equip-Landing-Page-300x206There are several potential problems that may necessitate water treatment in cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems.

  • CORROSION– Cooling towers, boilers and closed loop systems are an ideal environment for the destructive attack of a metal through interaction with its environment.
  • SCALE– Minerals such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and magnesium silicate are relatively insoluble in water and can form scale deposits when exposed to conditions often found in cooling water systems..
  • BIOLOGICAL FOULING– The deposition of suspended material in open recirculating water systems is called fouling. Microbial growth can strongly influence fouling, corrosion and scale formation, if not controlled properly.

EnduroSolv® solid water treatment products for cooling towers and boilers can help combat common water treatment issues of corrosion, scale and fouling. Without proper treatment, these problems can create multiple system issues including:

  • Increased maintenance cost
  • Accelerated equipment repair or replacement
  • More frequent shutdowns for cleaning
  • Reduced heat transfer efficiency
  • Increased fuel costs and energy consumption

Cooling Tower Treatment
No matter which type of cooling tower you’re dealing with, you must protect it against corrosion. The most common type of corrosion seen in cooling towers is what’s known as “white rust.”
White rust (which is a build-up of zinc oxide), most commonly occurs in galvanized steel cooling towers and is directly related to the water quality and treatment and can build up quickly if pH levels are off and water treatment is not done properly.
Another concern with cooling towers is scale formation. Scale occurs when deposits get clogged in pipes, usually caused by cold water high in minerals combining with heat. Scale deposits can clog and slow down the cooling system – making it much less effective, and much more expensive. In fact, the removal of scale deposits each year is one of the biggest expenses when it comes to cooling tower maintenance.
The safest and best way to preserve the life of a cooling tower is to prevent scale, corrosion and even bacteria formation. A comprehensive cooling tower treatment regimen will deliver these benefits.