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Useful information found below will allow you and us in properly designing and selecting the components for your system. This Useful Information also helps us as we continue to grow our website to allow our customers to see the other products or services that we may provide. By seeing all these products this will allow you to place your order with one supplier instead of many. With one supplier we know how your system operates and how each component must work together to reduce wear and premature failure.

The first Useful Information that you will find is the chemical compatibility guide. This allows us to provide the correct materials of construction for your products. Along with your submitted information we will be able to select the components you require.

Other Useful Information can be found on both the industrial and agricultural line cards. While all material found in your facility may not be under one heading neither is ours. Please review both line cards on the useful information page. This will assist you in completing your selection for all the equipment that you may require.

We realize that budgets and other constraints do not always allow for new equipment to be purchased. When you open the link below for our repair flyer you will realize that we understand this and can inspect, issue a quote for the repair of your equipment. If your equipment is repairable you will receive your unit back in “LIKE NEW” condition. Contact us and let us get your older equipment running like it was when you purchased it,

And as always if you do not find a particular item do not hesitate to ask.



Click one of the links below for the helpful information you may require


Chemical Comp Guide – PDF

Mesh vs Micron Comparison – PDF


Process-Integration LLC – Company Information


PILLC Industrial Linecard – PDF

PILLC Agricultural Linecard – PDF

PILLC Manufactures List – PDF

PILLC Repair Flyer – PDF