Seals and Lubricant

P-80 Emulsion LubricantSeal and Lubricant – P-80 Temporary Rubber Lubricant is the safe, easy, inexpensive way to improve production and assembly operations involving rubber and soft plastics parts.  Seal and Lubricant – P-80 Emulsion Temporary Rubber Lubricant is a biodegradable assembly aide that eases installation of tight-fitting rubber and plastic parts by reducing the force needed for insertion.
Once assembly is complete, the lubricant dries and the part returns to its original condition. P-80 Temporary Assembly Lubricants can be applied manually or automatically. Some methods would be by dip, brush, or spray techniques. P-80 Lubricant is used to install hoses, seals, bushings, gaskets, grommets, grips, and many other rubber and plastic parts. Use P-80 Emulsion when a thin film of lubricant is desired. Does Not Contain Silicon – Non-Toxic – Non-Flammable.
Typical Applications Include but not limited to the following:
Boots – Bushings – Bumpers – Diaphragms – Foam Grips – Grommets
Hoses – Insulators – Mounts – O-Rings – Plugs – Rubber Moldings
Seals – Sleeves – Tires – Rubber Washers – Wire Harness – And More

One (1) Pint Plastic Bottle…………$12.00 excluding tax and shipping
Click here for the MSDS Sheet on the product:     P80E_msds