Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps have flows to 4000 GPM and heads to 400 Feet. With various styles of configurations available to suit your many system configurations. Should you require multiple pumps, mounted on a base with electrical controls we can provide the complete package. Systems come assembled and tested ready for installation.
A complete PDF Parts page is located below should you require parts to keep your pump in top running condition for many years to come.
LCEnd Suction, Close-coupled, LC, (PC10) – PACO type LC is a Close Coupled, single stage, end suction centrifugal pump. The PACO Close Coupled design features a short shaft for minimum overhang and minimum shaft deflection. All models may be mounted vertically or horizontally, with discharge connections available in several positions.
End Suction, Split Coupled, LCS, (PC14)- PACO type LCS is a single stage, end suction, split coupled, base mounted centrifugal pump. With its smaller foot print with no alignment requirement in the field makes it a unique pump design. The pump features radially split coupling which is capable of withstanding all torsional, axial, and radial loads. They are available in different sizes to match up HP requirements up to 125HP.
LFEnd Suction, Frame Mounted, LF, (PC11) – PACO Type LF is a Frame Mounted, single stage, end suction centrifugal pump. The PACO Frame Mounted pumps with their heavy frames, shafts and ball bearings are ideal for reliable heavy duty service. They are available in 6 different frame sizes to match HP requirements up to 300 HP.
LC; LCV;LF; LCS; Instructions – PDF
Type_L_End_Suction_Pumps IOM Manual – PDF
LC_LF_LCV_End_Suction_Pumps Parts Guide – PDF
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