Booster Pump Systems

BoosterpaQFitted with ModelCRE – frequency converter-controlled pumps ensures complete and instant control, optimum flexibility of booster output and unbeatable efficiency.
Booster Pump Systems Features

  • Outstanding reliability
  • High Efficiency
  • Fully Integrated, all-in-one systems
  • Systems to match every need and requirement
  • Easy Installation and operation
  • Technology based on decades of know-how and experience

Performance Overview

  • Flow in Gpm: From 1800 to 3800
  • Head, Feet: 520 max
  • Pump Size-HP: 1 to 50
  • Number of Pumps: 2 through 6
  • Connections: Inlet Piping; Outlet Piping; Main Electrical In

BoosterpaQ_MPC-E_Integrated_VFD-Motor_Spec – PDF
Water Supply
BoosterpaQ systems are ideal for water supply systems and pressure boosting in multi-story buildings, which can vary significantly throughout the day. These situations can place extraordinary demands on the equipment used. Booster systems make it easy to provide optimum comfort for the user by maintaining constant water pressure at all levels at all times.
Industries can benefit greatly from using a booster solution. If you require constant pressure in the face of highly variable flows, we have the solution. Even the most demanding applications will benefit from the accuracy and advanced pump control offered by our systems.
BoosterpaQ systems can help conserve water and optimize crop yields. These systems go easy on piping networks in golf course irrigation systems and adapt performance automatically to any number of sprinkers at any pressure zone during the irrigation cycle. Benefits like these are what the BoosterpaQ systems the perfect choice for your irrigation systems.
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