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    Official Launch

APRIL 26, 2015 – Process Integration LLC has announced its official launch. The

company, which is led by industry veteran Thomas Bye, Jr., offers a comprehensive line

of pumps and related resources and services. Bye brings forth over three decades of

project and product engineering experience and a team of expert professionals who place

customer support at the hub of their day to day operations. Many such companies offer a core of pumps, but Bye wanted to take his company in a

slightly different direction. By placing an emphasis on customer support and premium

product selection, Process Integration LLC has an edge over competitors. Not only does

the company carry a large selection of leading products, but the knowledgeable Process

Integration LLC team delivers dedicated customer support, resources, and advice. The

friendly staff stays up to date with the latest technology and focuses on delivering the

systems that are easy to install and require less maintenance than others.

Bye and his team recognize and review systems for all of their parts, recommending spare

parts, upgrades, cost-cutting strategies, and other advice that helps customers save money

and choose a solid product that will last for the long term. “We are to the point and a no

nonsense company and not just someone to take an order based on a part number. We will

not just sell something to sell something. We know your systems need to be operating

efficiently so you can be as productive and profitable as possible, and it’s our goal to

make sure that happens,” said Bye.

Bye brings forth solid leadership and a background in areas such as product engineering

and customer service, and he is highly concentrated on injecting quality into his company.

His team travels to local clients to evaluate their specific needs, and Process Integration

LLC works with associates to offer inspection, repair of pumps, start-up assistance, and

documentation and manuals for a wide variety of products.

Process Integration LLC conveys the expertise of designers that have worked in a

multitude of settings and carry deep knowledge of piping, system component selection,

cost components, and manufacturing practices. Customers who are looking for

submersible submersible pumps, motors, pump applications, tanks, and water treatment

supplies can learn more by visiting the Process Integration LLC’s online gallery of

information or calling the company at 847-894-0092. More information about the

company is available at

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