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Maintenance Engineering does not manufacture its own products, they do have them manufactured to their exacting specifications, by the best manufacturers throughout the world. If the product does not meet the standards required after being quality tested in the Chicago or Fargo test labs, it is rejected and sent back to the manufacturer and an alternate manufacturer is then utilized. The attitudes and beliefs that Curt and Dennis founded the Company in 1974 on have caused Maintenance Engineering to become the #1 Premium Quality Industrial Lighting Company in the nation. Their commitment to quality is reflected in the company’s long-term repeat customers, their sales force and their employees, and in their first rate facilities. These principles insure a solid and profitable future for Maintenance Engineering, their employees and salespeople.

If you would like to see a fluorescent bulb prior to purchasing at your facility just call and we can arrange a demo. Bulbs that are available are as follows:

  1. F32T8/AWX8550TC – Standard 2 Pin Connection
  2. F40T12/AWX9050TC – Standard 2 Pin Connection
  3. F48T12/AWX8650/HO – 60 Watts – Recessed Double Contact
  4. F96T12/AWX8550/HO – 110 Watts – Recessed Double Contact
  5. F96T12/AWX9050TC – 75 Watts – Single Pin

We do have quantiites of the above bulbs for sale from our overstock inventory – CALL FOR YOUR SPECIAL PRICING

The link below will give you an idea of our state of the are bulbs – whiter and brighter and has an iron clad warranty in writing.


The link below will offer you an idea of the many styles of bulbs we have available but is not limited to these. If there is something you do not see please contact us.

MEBulbs Flyer.pdf

Below is just a sample of a warehouse with standard lighting and after installation of our new design bulbs with whiter/brighter technology and long warrant


New Contract Division Website

Take a moment and visit our new site!  We specialize in lighting products that are brighter and whiter, last longer and save energy. Additionally, we have products for all needs and for every budget; from simple lamp replacements to complete retrofits. We have a large selection of energy efficient LED light bulbs and fixtures along with product data sheets.  Whether you need lighting for parking structures, landscaping, building and security, etc., we have what you require. Enter PROM CODE 5xREWARDS and Earn Rewards from 1% to 5% on Every Purchase and Earn 5 times Rewards on your first on-line order (5% – 25%). You can Redeem rewards right on the website at

We believe in personalized service and would love to help you with your lighting. Please give us a call or send us an email.

This new website allows you to create an account, order on-line, keep track of your orders, shipping information as well as your ordering history. Awards are given for your orders nd are redemmable for gifts or discounts on your orders.


Lake Barrington Woods;  Holiday Inn (Elgin);  Comfort Suites (Elgin);  Tom’s Auto (Elgin); The Little Way;  Cary Dental Associates;  Mountain Quest Property Management;  GNT Limousine;  Kitchen Outfitters;  Shockey Jewelers;  Fuhler Properties;  State Farm Insurance-Algonquin; Clips ‘n Wiggles Dog Grooming; Laura Schock; Grace Electric, Inc.; Streits Auto; Jefferson Avenue Properties; Ed Schock; Odyssey Play Place; Valley Auto Body & Frame, Inc.; Village of Buffalo Grove; Dorr Township Highway Department; Rosmart Deli; Tony’s Cafe; Crystal Lake Park District; Elegance Cleaners; Johnson Eye Care; Rez Food Mart; Norma & Tom; Brian and Debbie; Luane and Roy….and many more

Hi Tom, Welcome to the Chamber.  I’ve been using your light bulbs for years, they are awesome! Let me know if me or my team can be of help to you, Mark.

Greg from Grace Electric installed our bulbs at a restraurant, customer is totally pleased with the new apprearance and after the comments he has received from his customers he will now update his other two restraurants.

Dorr Township Back of Office


Dorr Township removed old outdated ceiling fixtures and installed our new ones with BRIGHT AND WHITE LITES. Tom said there is no more eye strain and everything is visible for reading documents clearly.





Debbie and Brian are amazed at the (4) Can lights that they purchased and installed in their home. Not only is it bright and white and dimmable but they saved by not needing 6 as they first were told.

Norma & Tom purchased some general service LED’s for their lamps and a couple of outside flood lights, they can know read their books and paper without headaches as well as lighting up the room to a new dimension. Norma said their old outside floods only lit up half of the yard and if the dog went to the back of the yard they could not seem him. Now the whole yard is lit up and the they can see the dog no matter where he goes.

Back Yard 1        Back Yard 2

Luane and Roy had regular Halogen lights that never lit up the whole back yard as our LED Flood Lamps, as they stated in their email to me there is no place for anyone or anything to hide that they cannot see.

Roy Yard









Kevin was so pleased at what the lighting did for his office his employees are requesting an upgrade in their area as well. In the meantime he made the outside safer by ordering lights for the parking lot and main entrance.

Buffalo Grove Public Works Department found they could install (2) 4 foot fluorescents lamps in a 4 lamp fixture and still have better light as well as save on the electric bill.  Next will be more for the other offices and start on the warehouse.

Tom, we finally finished installing all the light bulbs. They look great – really light the place up at night

Fuhler Properties                                                                                Fuhler Properties Main

Angela – Walked in during the installation of our new bulbs and what a difference. All the time I was being fooled that our old lights were fine, glad Tom came in and spent the time to speak with us.

Clips N Wiggles Before and After

Tony’s customers asked him to please light up his flag – so Tony contacted us from a referrel and the rest is another satisfied customer.

Tony V Flag Night

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