Newletter May 2016



Process Integration is now able to offer our customers Digital Display and Controller units for your devices. Indicators and Controllers are typically used for Flow; Level; Temperature and Pressure. Instead of using an expensive PLC and HMI combination of units with special programming how about a level meter that can control the level of sump. This unit will alternate your pumps and provide alarms as well. All in one inexpensive and small package.
These loop powered controllers come in many configurations that will meet the needs of your process. Some have 2 inputs, math functions, and ease of programming with free downloadable software.
Nema 4 and 4X enclosures are available, explosion proof instruments, multi-channel and large display units. Displays rate, total, grand total for flow controllers, count up or down.
Software programs allow for quick review on your PC and allows communication to configure your meter, monitor trends. Manage relays and analog outputs, scaling functions and much more.


Get More Life Out of Your Pumps and Motors

4 Ways to Get Additional Life Out of Your Pump and Motor
1. Pressure Gauges Suction and discharge, at least on the discharge
2. Temperature, power, current (Remember what the VFD brings to the table)
3. Vibration & Alignment, bearing maintenance
4. Integrate with a great control system.

Catching these issues before they become problems with down time is key and to assist in accomplishing the above call your Process Integration sales force for a one on one evaluation to see what makes sense for your application

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